✏️ Crack in the Sublime

Originally published in Embodied Magazine

From through these bent eyes
this deformed vision
I see clearer now
The prospect of the habit
where destructive promises
a long weak wick

In weary arms
limp with the weight of fading friends
the corner's there
where it should be
Caught in the angle of our intuition
we say we're
but we're just sayin' it
letting everything else
away from us
while we stand behind saying
it was never

as distorted as I see things
as ugly as
every word becomes
there's now nobody left to love
but myself

So has it been long enough yet?
Can we stop hating ourselves now?
turn all those lies over
bring the love back over
the rooster is waking us up
to start the morning all over
there's the terminal in your thoughts
as you tried,
as I tried
to be young again

we almost were
there was a crack in the sublime
just as you began to turn over
in my hands
I saw it,
I waited for you to grab hold - 

But you hesitated.

And then,
you were gone