✏️ epilogue of our love

we met at the meridian of attraction
you found me exciting
never been with a girl like me
a Puerto Rican from the Bronx, but still really smart

you were full of phrases like that

i liked your hands –
the way your fingers felt like curling rods
wrapped at the nape of my neck

one day you decided
to smack me
across my right cheek,
the one with the freckles on it
you said looked like blackheads

and so, no más

i still see you at starbucks sometimes
i feel bad for the new lady standing at your side
this time, she’s Dominicana
as if that’ll make a difference, putting up with you

see, her hair is pin straight right out of the salón
she’ll remember soon enough that she hates
the feeling of curling rods pulling at her neck, también.