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About ME

I grew up in a city shaped by artists and dreamers, cynics and rebels, storytellers and thinkers. I am one of them: a born and raised New Yorker, one lucky enough to still call the Bronx home.

As a writer, I work every day to honor my city, its arts and culture, and its people. These days, I’m busy freelancing, falling asleep on the 6 train, or reading something new.

In the past, I’ve served as a Music Editor at EMBODIED Magazine and contributed to Paste Magazine, the AdHoc Zine, The Knockturnal, and Theatre Development Fund's SEEN Magazine, where you can find some of my music, entertainment, film, and theater bylines. I love to write personal essays, short fiction, and poetry, too — all of which you can find right here.

Thanks so much for checking out my site, and feel free to contact me for any bookings, inquiries, or just to chat!