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About ME

I grew up in a city forever shaped by artists and dreamers, cynics and rebels, storytellers and thinkers. I am one of them: a born and raised New Yorker, lucky enough to still call this place my home. As a writer, I work every day to honor my city, its art and culture, and its people.

My focus, then, is in cultural criticism and arts journalism. Currently, I serve as a Music Editor at EMBODIED Magazine. In the past, I have contributed to Paste Magazine, the AdHoc Zine, The Knockturnal, and Theatre Development Fund's SEEN Magazine, where you can find some of my music, entertainment, film, and theater bylines.

I love to write essays, short fiction, and poetry, too — all of which you can find right here.

Thanks so much for checking out my site, and feel free to contact me for any bookings, inquiries, or just to chat!