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Petra’s Promise
    Narrative poem in Confluence, Oct 2019.

    Prose poem in Confluence, May 2019.

Crack in the Sublime
    Poem in Embodied Magazine, Dec. 2015.

Lists & Guides

An Introduction to Urbano in 50 Songs
   Blurbs on urbano legends for Pitchfork, March 2020.

12 Valentine’s Day Playlists for The Boo’ed Up or Bummed Out
    Holiday playlists for Remezcla, Feb. 2020.

A Guide to Joining Every Women’s March in a Major City Near You
    How-to guide for StyleCaster, Jan. 2020.

These Navidad Playlists Will Get the Party Started & Keep it Going Hasta Abajo
    Holiday playlist for Remezcla, Dec. 2019.

10 Artists Honoring Santería & Candomblé Faith in Their Music Today
    Music listicle for Remezcla, Nov. 2019.

5 Women in Bachata You Should Know
    Music listicle for Remezcla, Oct. 2019.

EMBODIED's Ten Best Albums of 2018
    Music listicle for Embodied Magazine, Dec. 2018.


When Will the Grammys Give Black Women Their Due? Lizzo Was Still Snubbed
    Op-Ed in StyleCaster, Jan. 2020.

Cardi B, My Everywoman
    Personal essay for Embodied Magazine, April 2019.

Puerto Plata Ponderings
    Personal essay for Mosaic, Sept. 2019.

Rosa Por tu Culo
    Personal essay for The Rational Creature, April 2018.

Branded features

Catch Buscabulla, Novalima & More at Mexico’s Bahidorá Festival This February
    Festival announcement for Remezcla, Jan. 2020.

Catch Los Walters, Mula, Leton Pe & More at This Weekend’s The Paradise Festival
   Festival announcement for Remezcla, Dec. 2019.

Nuevo Noise Acts Los Walters, Balún & NOIA Share Their Upcoming Latinx Artist Picks
    Concert promotion for Remezcla, Nov. 2019.

Ditch The Wallet At Governor’s Ball With Zelle
    Festival partnership for The Knockturnal, June 2019.